Case Studies

  • Department for International Development Day 2012

    29th January 2013, London

    • 13 hacks produced just in London
    • 26 hacks made across the three individual events
    • Various London hacks show potential and were taken forward to a modding day
    • Three-pronged International Hack in London, Cape Town and Lagos seen as a success.
    • Relationships built with departments and developers in Africa

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    The teams in London focused on making it simpler for people to understand the data, and tried to find ways to make it fun, so people would actually want to participate. Many added clever visualisations and made working through the data into a game – all had excellent ideas as to how they would expand their idea...the energy and enthusiasm that went into making complex issues clear and engaging to people was consistent throughout
    Julia Chandler, Internet and technology blogger
  • National Hack The Government Day 2012

    21st January 2013, London

    • DECC have put up a prize where they will take one hack to a modding day. The final winning design is yet to be confirmed.
    • 25 hacks were made with 9 winners in various categories.
    • 1118 tweets on the hashtag

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    The Rewired State event, now in its third year, allows developers to give government a glimpse of what is possible in a day of rapid prototyping. As ever, the sheer brilliance of what was built was seriously impressive, even for a hack day veteran. For those members of the audience who were new to to this, it must have been mind- blowing.
    Richard Goodwin, TSO (The stationary Office)
  • Pupil Data Appathon

    7th July 2012, London

    • Mission: This hack was based around the National Pupil Dataset, a vast and unique dataset that includes the anonymised national public exam results of around 600,000 English schoolchildren through key stages 2, 4 and 5. The Department for Education pre-released the dataset so that both they and the public could better understand it, and also wanted to identify any security risks or obvious stories in the data before public release.
    • Outcome: The hack explored the database itself and how developers could use it, and experimented with apps and sites based on that data. One hack devised a dashboard that allowed parents to search for the best school exam results by subject. Another turned winning schools into competing teams and turned each batch of results into their weapons haul.

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    I'm amazed that people could be so creative within such a short period of time with what to most of us would just seem a dry piece of data… What it convinces me of is that the more we release and the more we give people time to play with it, the more amazing insights we will have into what works in education and how we can do it even better…
    Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education
  • Refugees United

    14th April 2012, London

    • Mission: The tech non-profit Refugees United works to reconnect separated refugee families through mobile and web technology. It needed some help to find ways to do this more effectively.
    • Outcome: Finding ways to identify individuals is a major challenge for Refugees United, as many names are very common and birth dates often misplaced. Developers spent most of one day researching this problem, and how to resolve it using mobile apps to assist the identification process

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    Refugees United provided us with a unique opportunity to understand the challenges in defining digital identity. It was by far the best hack day I have attended in that the challenge was actually far simpler than it looked, and the solutions exciting to build.
    Kevin Lewis, developer
  • The Boat That Hacked TV

    29th March 2012, Cannes

    • Developers explored innovation and developed new ways to interact with TV
    • 13 hacks built over the weekend
    • Department of Eduction and MIPCube very excited to work with Rewired State again
    • Over 500 tweets on the event hashtag. With over 1000 on the Mipcube tag over the weekend.
    • Modding days in process to take forward a handful of ideas

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    Demonstrating what great developers can do in the a short space of time of time. Using great data the developers built elegant applications in 48hours to add additional content to TV viewing. Great developers, coders and programmers achieved an array of mind bending applications showcasing what great talent Rewired State has.
    Tiffany St James, Evangelist

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