Department for International Development Day 2012

29th January 2013, London

The teams in London focused on making it simpler for people to understand the data, and tried to find ways to make it fun, so people would actually want to participate. Many added clever visualisations and made working through the data into a game – all had excellent ideas as to how they would expand their idea...the energy and enthusiasm that went into making complex issues clear and engaging to people was consistent throughout
Julia Chandler, Internet and technology blogger
  • 13 hacks produced just in London
  • 26 hacks made across the three individual events
  • Various London hacks show potential and were taken forward to a modding day
  • Three-pronged International Hack in London, Cape Town and Lagos seen as a success.
  • Relationships built with departments and developers in Africa


The UK Aid Transparency Guarantee (ATG) pledges to publish detailed information about the Department For International Developments (DFID) aid projects and want these to be accessible and available to UK and international citizens.The data has to be both detailed but easy to read not only in the UK but also abroad.The ATG also wants any data available to be used so that new applications can be produced to understand where aid is being spent.


A team of 20 selected developers and designers spent two days producing and developing hacks around the DFID data. The hack has already seen success in Cape Town, South Africa with 6 hacks being made. A companion event will also take place in Lagos, Nigeria and it is intended that all the hacks will link up and be able to share ideas, support and outcomes.

Before the hack was run it was important to decide how to work with the vast amount of data available. Developers were briefed before the hack so they could understand the dataset and have time to interpret and present the data. Following progression to a modding day, the outcomes of the hacks will be developed and used internationally.


Trademize by Chico Charlesworth @trademize @ccharlesworth
  • Trademize is a consumer platform that informs, educates, engages and connects consumers in regards to trade transparency.
  • Using interactive tools, graphs and eye catching reports the site enables the viewer to learn about major trade products and principles from country to country.
  • Explaining tariffs, import costs and pricing the site is able to compare raw data turning it into easy to read and comparable graphs.
  • Project url -

Tariffic by Rupert
  • Tariffic is an experimental chrome extension to overlay Trade Tariff information on Sainsbury’s online. Presenting the outcomes in the same way as health food pie charts. Harnessing data from different sources including the site utilizes this information displaying it in easy to read colour coded charts.
  • Project URL -

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