The Boat That Hacked TV

29th March 2012, Cannes

Demonstrating what great developers can do in the a short space of time of time. Using great data the developers built elegant applications in 48hours to add additional content to TV viewing. Great developers, coders and programmers achieved an array of mind bending applications showcasing what great talent Rewired State has.
Tiffany St James, Evangelist
  • Developers explored innovation and developed new ways to interact with TV
  • 13 hacks built over the weekend
  • Department of Eduction and MIPCube very excited to work with Rewired State again
  • Over 500 tweets on the event hashtag. With over 1000 on the Mipcube tag over the weekend.
  • Modding days in process to take forward a handful of ideas


MIPCube set the agenda for our hackers to explore innovation of the future of TV. Through exploration of different data sources ‘The MIPCube TV Hack Day’ will focus on exploring the next generation ofTV related applications.Tapping into the wealth of open APIs on the web, developers will work with designers and industry insiders to explore what is possible — and to perhaps stumble upon something that could be truly ground breaking.


A few meetings took place beforehand to understand the objectives and requirements for this hack day. Due to the open and creative nature of the brief it was agreed upon that having a mixture of different skill sets would make the venture more dynamic. Therefore we recruited an appropriate array of international geeks including front and back end developers and designers.

A boat was used for the hack venue and this greatly influenced the level of creativity of the work produced. Using our experience in hack day delivery we executed the hack to great success. Results were shown at the end of the weekend with equal excitement from the client and participants.


Grab Magic by Aral Balkan @aral Winner of Best Hack


  • Puts the power ofTV directly in the viewers hand.
  • Grab Magic enables you to share instantly screen grabs of what you are watching on TV with your friends harnessing the force of an X Box 360 Kinect and social network mediums such as Twitter and Facebook. Grab Magic was a highlight of the weekend.
  • The developer felt the need for TV to be more of an interactive and shared experience even if your friends or family could not be in the room at the same time. Rather than having to explain what you are watching the viewer can simply reach out putting the TV image onto your phone without having to fumble at camera controls, wait for blur to vanish or letting the opportunity pass you by.
Def TV by John Lyons and Lawrence Job
  • Created an app to enhance the viewing pleasure of TV for deaf people.
  • The app looks in the close captioning text for keywords such as boom, vibrate or actions like phones ringing. These words in turn trigger actual realtime action with your own mobile phone making it vibrate, enhancing the deaf viewer experience and bringing a deeper understanding to sounds and effects people capable of hearing take for granted.

Lazy Shoppr by Dave Williamson @bittube
  • Allows shopping via a second screen whilst not disturbing the main screen streaming program.
  • Making use of an internet connection from aTV and web based services to connect the main TV to another screen or tablet, e.g. the viewer is able to watch a cooking program and the second screen will compile a list of ingredients used.

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