Series of Hack Days

What happens: Hack events are a great way to draw attention to a new dataset, inspire some interest in the hack community or to highlight the creative tech elements of a new campaign. All our events are bespoke, so we work closely with a brand or organisation to identify what the project wants to achieve through a hack, appeal to our developer community for those with the most relevant skills and manage every aspect of the event itself.

How it works: We generally advertise an event four to eight weeks in advance and provide a simple brief, and once developers are on site for the hack we can help them refine their ideas and team up with other developers.

Case studies

Photos from YRS 2012

  • nickcharlton - Sam Wray
  • nickcharlton - Daniel Hart
  • nickcharlton - Simon
  • nickcharlton - Showing Off Sat. Tracker (2)
  • nickcharlton - Team Acorn
  • nickcharlton - Showing off TwitTone (1)

Upcoming Commercial Hack Days

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events...

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