WOW Hack Day

9 Mar - 10 Mar 2013

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Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

About WOW Hack Day

On 9th and 10th March 2013 we had the opportunity to run a hack alongside the WOW - Women Of the World Festival, at London's Southbank Centre. 

WOW is a global festival of talks, debates, music, film, performance, dance, comedy and conversations that celebrates the talents of women, young and old, from all walks of life and all parts of the world, and investigates the obstacles that women face across the world, which varies hugely from country to country.

WOW celebrates women who are breaking the mould in science, enterprise, law, the arts, health, activism, education, politics, sport, fashion, finance and family life.

Over 10,000 women and men visit WOW - Women Of the World Festival over the weekend. There are also WOW festivals in Australia, the USA and Northern Ireland.

WOW has previously presented Paloma Faith, Katy B and Annie Lennox amongst many other amazing people.

Aims of the Hack

The aim of two day WOW Hack was to use the web and digital technology to help make the world equal for women and men.

We had the aim of engaging and informing developers and the WOW audience, through technology, of the issues women face globally, and highlight the incredible things that women do every day,  creating ideas for real life ways to make change happen as well as a platform to show all the change that’s happened already.


Some suggested subjects

How can we highlight the amazing achievements of women throughout history and today? (Did you know that the first Briton in space was a woman?)

How can we highlight the challenges and obstacles still experienced by women all over the globe today? (Did you know that in some places in Pakistan girls aren’t allowed to learn to read and write, and in many places women literally belong to their husbands)

How can we illustrate the challenges that women face can vary from country to country and how have women's roles changed in society?

How can we show people what activities are happening in their geographical area or area of interest that they might want to get involved with?

How can people use their real-life experiences that they, their sisters, mums or female friends have encountered to help other women?

How can we help people have access to the facts they need about women’s rights?

How can we show men that this is relevant to them too?


Women and Work

What are the socio-cultural and self-imposed obstacles that women face in the workplace?


How can we use technology to raise awareness of the actualities of gender-based crime? What can be done to safeguard yourself. What services are available to you if something happens.


What does the word feminism mean to you? What words are use to describe women in the media and online? What words are used to describe men? How do these differ?

Equal Rights

What’s the difference between a man and a women? What defines each gender? How do the obstacles that women face change from country?


Details of the hacks, projects, awards and participants are available on the Rewired State Hacks App!

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Photos from This Event

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