Coming from Young Rewired State?

What does it mean to be a Young Rewired Stater?

Young people in the Young Rewired State community have taught themselves to code, and are happy to both ask for and offer any help to their peers. The community is an opportunity to meet new and like-minded people to collaborate with around open data. You build your projects ethically and openly, and code not just for career progression, but because you find it enjoyable.

How is being a Rewired Stater different?

Being part of the Rewired State community offers you everything you love about being part of the YRS community, and they operate on similar terms. You become part of a wider community of like-minded people and are happy to share your knowledge with others to build projects in a high-pressure environment.

There are a few differences in the two organisations. Firstly, to be a part of the Rewired State community, you must be an experienced developer aged 16 or over. We are happy to accept almost anything as proof of experience, but generally expect a GitHub profile with various projects created and contributed towards. When we are commissioned to run an event, we will make our developer community aware and ask them to apply if they are interested. These events have limited spaces for hand-picked developers, but the developers are paid for their involvement. What we pay for is your intellectual property after the event, which gets transferred to the client. At open events where you are not being paid, you will retain your IP.

Fundamentally, the two communities are different, but with much overlap. We don't want to lose the amazing talent in the YRS community. Once you reach the point where you are too old to take part in Young Rewired State as a participant, we will foster you as a developer and help you grow, as well as give you paid work to sink your teeth in to.

Welcome to Rewired State

Ever since the start, Rewired State's mission has been to help developers 'Code a Better Country', to foster developers from around Britain and help them solve real-world problems. In most organisations, the amount of work a developer has to complete is large, which leads to a massive backlog of tasks. While this in itself is a problem, it also takes away any chance for innovation as that requires time from the busy devs. We aim to do things differently in tech, ethically, and make money for everyone.

At the heart of what we do, are the hacks and mods. These events aim to take the hacker mentality to organisations which will benefit from being introduced to this way of working. We hire developers from our community based on their skills to join us for a short period of time (generally no more than two days) to rapidly build an innovative solution. We then run a modding day, where our developers work with the internal developers, to bring the prototypes more inline with the organisation's aims and, in most cases, through to a finished product. As well as hacks and mods, we offer training and API accreditation, which we also invite developers to lead on for payment.

We only hack things which will have a positive effect on an organisation, trying to take the 'build it quick to prove it works' mentality and take it in to organisations with a developer floor which is too busy to push it themselves. We work with those developers, and our community, to help innovation happen.


During and after the Festival, there will be a form below to complete. If you have any queries at all, please send an email to