Coming from Young Rewired State?

Self taught developers in the Young Rewired State community are known for their open, collaberative approach to peer-supported development. They build original prototyes and products around open data with a focus on openess and are motivated by their love of programming. We don't want to lose the amazing talent in the YRS community once you reach the point where you are too old to take part in Young Rewired State as a participant, and that's where Rewired State comes in.

What does it take to be a Rewired Stater?

If you feel like you don't quite fit in to this criteria, but would like to - send us an email and we'll see if we can help you get off the ground.

What is Rewired State?

Ever since the start, Rewired State's mission has been to help developers 'Code a Better Country', to foster developers from around Britain and help them solve real-world problems. In most organisations, the amount of work a developer has to complete is large, which leads to a massive backlog of tasks. While this in itself is a problem, it also takes away any chance for innovation as that requires time from the busy devs. We aim to do things differently in tech, ethically, and make money for everyone.

At the heart of what we do, are the hacks and mods. These events aim to take the hacker mentality to organisations which will benefit from being introduced to this way of working. We hire developers from our community based on their skills to join us for a short period of time (generally no more than two days) to rapidly build an innovative solution. We then run a modding day, where our developers work with the internal developers, to bring the prototypes more inline with the organisation's aims and, in most cases, through to a finished product. As well as hacks and mods, we offer training and API accreditation, which we also invite developers to lead on for payment.

We only hack things which will have a positive effect on an organisation, trying to take the 'build it quick to prove it works' mentality and take it in to organisations with a developer floor which is too busy to push it themselves. We work with those developers, and our community, to help innovation happen.


If being part of the Rewired State community is something which interests you, then find Kevin during the festival weekend (he will either be at the Rewired State stand, or roaming around). If you have any burning questions, feel free to send an email to